Presidential Message

I have taken up the office as the President of APAPARI since May 2021. APAPARI was founded in 1998 by visionary seniors from Asian countries and has played an important role in the development of pediatric allergies in Asia Pacific area. Based on the friendship of the founders and their subsequent leaders, APAPARI has evolved by co-sponsoring annual congress together with national pediatric societies and pediatric allergy societies. APAPARI has made great academic progress by Professor Gary Wong (Hong Kong), the 6th President. Researchers from APAPARI have begun to disseminate information from Asia by publishing high quality collaborative studies in international journals such as PAI. New research projects such as anaphylaxis registry research and collaboration of Birth Cohort research among countries in Asia have started. As the 8th president, I believe that what we should do is to enable further maturation of APAPARI to become an internationally recognized organization. In line with our bylaws, I have appointed 2 representative directors from each country’s sub-organization of APAPARI and will hold regular board meetings so that APAPARI can make decisions based on transparent discussions but not on personal basis. We will also update our APAPARI website to enrich the contents , to make it more user-friendly and attractive .
Let’s continue to hold high level annual academic conferences, to develop joint research programs by encouraging young stars in the region, to perform information dissemination internationally, and to support developing countries through APAPARI workshops.

December 2021
The 8th APAPARI President, Motohiro Ebisawa, MD, PhD